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Our artists 🎨

Unique and special

We will always choose artists and motifs that we personally love. Both as a puzzle and as wall art in our home.

Our artists are from all over the world and are selected with care. All of them and get a large share of the sales, which means that buying a puzzle also contributes to the art world.


Isabelle Feliu 🇨🇦 🇳🇴

Isabelle, an illustrator and painter from Québec city based in Oslo. With a background in fashion design and merchandising, she started illustrating full time five years ago when she first moved to Norway. She works with traditional mediums and is inspired by the world of design, fashion, nature and travel but also by her personal moods and thoughts.



Isabelle Vandeplassche 🇧🇪 🇵🇹

Isabelle is an illustrator and designer living in Ericeira, Portugal. She is originally from Belgium but decided to live by the ocean. She want her illustrations to make people dream of Summer landscapes, infinite beaches and dense jungles. Her wish is that her work brings a little bit of joy to the daily life of people.



Charlie Bennell 🇦🇺

Charlie is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. In her artworks she often draw their structural inspiration from existing architectural spaces. These are then reworked with a play on color, light and shadow to explore the relation of the body and mind to its surrounding environment and the way this relationship informs our lives.


Are you next?

Looking for our next star

Are you an artist and want us to turn your art into fantastic puzzles? Get in touch with us and tell us more about yourself. Send us a email at


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