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How to 🛠

Guide and tips

Don't let a piece of art just sit in a box when you are done. All of our puzzles come with an easy kit for preserving your artwork. And the box should be the centerpiece of your coffee table.

Step 1

Baking paper

After you are done with the puzzle. Slide baking paper under the puzzle to protect the table from glue.

Step 2


Pour the glue all over the puzzle and use the card (or similar) as a spatula and spread the glue evenly in a thin layer over the whole puzzle.

Step 3


Wait at least one hour, or until the glue is dry.

Step 4

Frame it

Use any frame that is 50x70 cm. The puzzle will fit perfect.

Don't look here


On the back on every piece of puzzle is a letter. If you want to make it a little easier to put your puzzle together, you can first divide all the pieces into piles. Then if you want to make it eaven more easy you can see how the piece should be facing.


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